Tony DaCosta

It’s August 2016 and I’m trying to describe in as few words as possible my lifelong passion for music and the addiction of record collecting. Both ingrained habits I’ve long stopped trying to break.
I could talk about the personal feelings generated by the sounds that appeal to me but I might give the impression of being a dosed up closet hippy. My late Father was my earliest influence as far as the way my ears work. He was a high end audiophile and a lover of many types of music, but the sounds I responded to as a child was his jazz, soul and blues collection. Couldn’t tell you the first record I bought but King Oliver and Louis Armstrong where firm favourites in our house during the 1970’s. The 1980’s saw the emergence of unlicensed radio and stations such as LWR, JFM and Horizon which had a major impact on my musical tastes and collecting habits. I was given the opportunity to present on unlicensed radio during 2003 and embraced it as a breath of fresh air. It enabled me to explore the more adventurous side of soul, jazz & dance, allowing me to step away from the more commercial club led arena and hold true to the original unlicensed radio pioneers.

My Futuresoul concept has been running since 2005 on various platforms. The aim of each show is to deliver a positive message through the wonderful world of black influenced or inspired music. Taking a retrospective view to appreciate the present to look forward to the future.

Tony Dacosta ‘Tone’