Tempo O’Neil

Established himself as a singer in the dance music scene from the early day of acid House 
but originally start on reggae sound systems at the age 14.
He slowly progressed to Unity Sound with Demon rocker and Flinty Badman (Shut up & dance) 
until opportunity came for him to sing with Saxon sound system. 
(Maxi Priest Roger Robin Tipper Ire etc)

working with Carl MacIntosh of (Loose ends)
“Live band” State of Emergency
PA with Michael Watford & Robert Owens


Wembley Conference (World Dance)
Aqua Planning fest (S.France)
San Sebastian festival (Palma)
Goodyear Beach-party (Minorca)
Exit festival (Serbia)
NYE Sava centre (Belgrade)
Exit festival (Serbia)
Arts Festival (S.Africa)
Arts Festival Dortmund (Ger)
Sound-clash Saxon v Creation (Jam)
Record Labels: Involved in or Featured
Big City Records, Just for you London, (Body Snatch) 
Brain records, Everyday Junglist Twisted Mentasim -(Bizzy B)
(S.O.U.R.) producers of Shy Fx, Uk apache. 
Fiftyfirst Feat: You’re my Inspiration (TuffJam)
i-records, Feat: Keep Holdin (TuffJam)
The Nothing Special – (Craig Richards) – Feat: Then Again Josh (Brent)

Now has his own Record Label Liberationparty and working on his New Debut album with producer Alex Arnout – (Dogmatik Records)