Portobello Dave

Collector and sometimes dealer of funk, soul, latin, jazz, library and hip hop records … got the record addiction bug from my dad when i was a kid, grew up listening to his blue notes round the house, must be in the d.n.a.

Music has been an inspiration and an education for me , many concepts have been passed down through music, at one time it was probably the only medium black people had to communicate ideas, maybe still is … so for me its not just some peripheral pastime, its a way of life, i love it just as much now, as i did in the beginning, probably more so.

There is very few places id rather be than digging through some piles of old vinyl, i don’t have a particular favorite style, i like different styles that suit the mood, kind’ve like a soundtrack for my life, met some very interesting people and made lifelong friends all round the world through a shared love of music, and long may that continue, also doing some production, latest venture being soul papers, after all the years of

listening to the musical endeavors of others, its a real treat to make my own, big thanks to all the deejays and listeners that support that.

I’m deejaying in spots in London, updates on the show, if you like the sounds come on down ….. to those who know me already, a big hi, to those who don’t, hope you like the shows …. small potato, tambourine, ladbroke grove, arm leg leg arm head, u.god .. much love and peace out …