Mira Parkes

Mira Parkes Born in Serbia, from an early age began to play sports and was surrounded by people who were engaged in music, and also in art. In the mid ’80s as a teenager, for a while she worked at a radio station as a Selector/Producer programmer, for a show which dealt with the education for young people in the music scene. She also danced rhythmic gymnastics and ballet, and wrote poems and short stories. 90s brought war and sanctions, when the country broke up what was eventually culminated with the bombing by NATO in 1999, and later in early 2000s with large street protests and revolution. The love of music and sport has become her only escape in an attempt to survive each day and preserve her soul for the future, in a country that has no light at the end of the tunnel. So it became her sole life focus. Thanks to that and the love of the universe, she met her husband Dez Parkes who gives her great support so that her love and talent can rise to a higher levels. Also, she is very grateful to Marc Mac, Fitzroy Facey, and Barry King. Mira Parkes is now Pilates instructor, the official UK “Soul Survivors” magazine, Balkan and Worldwide Correspondent, writing and interviewing on various topics music and art, and radio presenter for the UK internet station Nuwaveradio.net. The rest is history!