Leo Clarke

Born in Reading but moving to Forest Hill London in 90’s, Leo has been taping, buying and tuning into music since the mid 80’s and started going to gigs, clubbing around London in ’94 just when the Drum N’ Bass / Jungle scene started to take off. Inspired by DJs like Gilles Peterson, Patric Forge, Randall and various pirate stations, with the advent of internet radio and frequent travels to Asia he has acquired a very eclectic ear for exotic sounds though always rooted in the funk, dance & reggae sounds of his adopted home London town.

This is his first time getting involved with radio although he spends about 80% of his free time listening to as many obscure radio shows as he can with a view to searching out new pathways to ever deeper, funkier, heavier sounds.

In his spare time, when he’s not got his headphones on, he works on his guitar skills with a view to sharpening his ear in order to get a deeper appreciation of the sounds he’s searching out for his shows.

Presenting a show on Nuwaveradio called Fly On! Leo aims to take you on a journey into the deeper, funkier, psychedelic side of things, perhaps even places you never thought you’d dare to tread! But don’t worry he promises to bring you back unharmed!

Leo says, “Being given the opportunity to present on Nuwaveradio alongside some very fine experienced DJ’s is an enormous privilege. I’m thrilled to be play all sounds I’ve been hearing from around the world and play them to a new audience.”

Fly On! People!